Align your Logistic Recruitment Strategy with Internal Job Posting

Your company must have a perennial logistic recruitment strategy. You may not need to hire every week or every month but you should have a shortlisted pool of talent you can refer to whenever you need to recruit a fresher or an experienced professional. This is regardless of the job profile of a vacancy you have to fill. The perennial logistic recruitment strategy is nonnegotiable. One of the reasons why many companies face recruitment problems is the lack of a cohesive plan that is preemptive. Responsive measures work but one cannot be reactionary all the time. Continue reading “Align your Logistic Recruitment Strategy with Internal Job Posting”

3 Ways To Enhance A Supply Chain Recruitment Resume

If you are eager to be part of the world of supply chain recruitment, then it stands to reason that you are going to want to have the best possible resume. Obviously, this is something that anyone should keep in mind when they are tackling the job market. At the same time, there are some unique demands of those who are trying to pursue a supply chain recruitment. The competition for these jobs is intensely fierce. Furthermore, you can expect your resume to be seen by someone who likely has years, if not decades, of experience with staffing the kinds of positions you would like to find. Continue reading “3 Ways To Enhance A Supply Chain Recruitment Resume”

A Multipronged Approach to Logistic Recruitment is Imperative

The logistics industry has been growing steadily over the last ten years and it is now expanding into territories that were hitherto not explored. It is one industry that has been witnessing significant growth in jobs, despite the fact that there is a shortage of talent. Unlike other industries where there are more job seekers than jobs, the logistics industry has a problem of surplus jobs and fewer takers with relevant experience. The fresher generation is energetic and tech savvy but not too keen to venture into logistics. This has not helped the overall logistic recruitment scenario. The traditional challenges aside, companies are also struggling with retention since those with relevant experience are getting multiple job offers. As more organisations look to poach employees from their competitors, it is necessary to hold onto your workforce while trying to recruit the best talents available. Continue reading “A Multipronged Approach to Logistic Recruitment is Imperative”

Streamline Logistic Recruitment with the help of Relevant Staffing Agencies

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Many companies have a well oiled human resources department that can take care of everything related to the workforce, including the perennial payroll and other temporary issues. It is usually the responsibility of the human resources department to take care of logistic recruitment as well but it may fall short of accomplishing the objectives from time to time owing to a number of different reasons. A human resources department may be understaffed, the personnel may be overworked and they may not have all the resources necessary to find the right talents for all available vacancies. This is where specialised staffing agencies become relevant. Continue reading “Streamline Logistic Recruitment with the help of Relevant Staffing Agencies”

Tap into the Referral Network for Logistic Recruitment

There are many ways to approach logistic recruitment. It is wise for any company to employ multiple approaches. No singular approach will be enough to fill up all the vacancies. Even if you do get enough applications or interested jobseekers from any one avenue, it is unlikely you would get the most fitting candidates for all the diverse positions you need to fill in your organization. Logistic recruitment can be a little more complex than hiring in other industries because it is a niche that doesn’t have as many formal training programs at high school, college or university level. Hence, it is imperative for a company to tap into networks that will usher in potential candidates. Continue reading “Tap into the Referral Network for Logistic Recruitment”

Why Operational Planning Is Important

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Planning generally is important to getting anything done and this is no different when it comes to operational planning. Operational planning helps a company draw a course of action to be followed for the set goals to be achieved. It envisions the operational goals a company wants to achieve then determines the necessary steps to be taken to reach these goals. Here are five benefits of operational planning; Continue reading “Why Operational Planning Is Important”

Review the IT Infrastructure of Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management strategies must be reviewed periodically. A company must consider the possibility of working directly with a manufacturer. It is likely that small to medium companies will resort to intermediaries for convenience. That would increase procurement cost and will have more points of operation than necessary which would invariably complicate the whole apparatus. Just as this quintessential element needs to be reviewed from time to time, the information technology infrastructure must also be reviewed at least once a year. Here is a brief guide of what to expect from such a review. Continue reading “Review the IT Infrastructure of Supply Chain Management”

Why Hire Logistics Recruitment Specialists

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Logistics has been a hot job market for years now. Many sceptics have wondered if the insiders are making it sound like the job market is hot and that there is more demand than supply. The reality is that there are more jobs than candidates who are eligible to fill up the positions. There is one segment of the youth that is educated enough and has the soft skills along with technical knowhow to embark on a career in logistics. Even if they are not fully aware of what really goes about in a logistics division for a given industry, they can be quickly trained. But this section of the youth is not interested in logistics. There is another segment or section of youth that is interested but they either don’t have the minimum education or they cannot be trained and groomed. As a result, the logistics job market remains hot and the unfulfilled positions are affecting various companies cutting across industries. Continue reading “Why Hire Logistics Recruitment Specialists”

How Logistic Recruitment can Entice the Youth

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There is some debate if the youth should be referred to as millennial or generation ‘y’. The millennial generation makes space for all youth aged up to thirty five. Clearly, thirty year olds are not young adults who happen to be the fresher most companies would target for entry level jobs. This is also true for logistic recruitment. Generation ‘y’ has been succeeded by generation ‘z’ but the latter is not yet old enough to be employable. Continue reading “How Logistic Recruitment can Entice the Youth”