How to Overcome the Typical Hostility towards Interim Management

Interim management is often met with hostility. The employees or teams that are expecting a stringent assessment and review, perhaps even a raw deal with the possibility of being handed the pink slip, are often not too welcoming of interim managers and trouble-shooters. The degree of hostility varies of course. Some employees may be more reasonable than others. An interim manager needs to overcome this typical hostility and one needs help of those in leadership positions who are familiar with the employees. Continue reading “How to Overcome the Typical Hostility towards Interim Management

Use a Simple Criterion to Hire Logistics Recruitment Experts

Companies often attend to their own recruitment. Many companies outsource and some organisations rely on a bit of both. Whether or not you outsource, there will be some level of involvement of the managers or administrative heads of all departments. There are different types of service providers when you choose to outsource. Many are recruiters, independent or agencies. Some are experts. You may want to hire logistics recruitment experts as they are clearly better than ordinary recruitment agencies. However, the expertise in logistics recruitment is not the sole criterion to appoint one. Continue reading “Use a Simple Criterion to Hire Logistics Recruitment Experts

Balance New Talents with Old School Skills during Ecommerce Recruitment

Ecommerce is not strictly a twenty-first century industry. Online sales had made their presence felt in the late nineties. However, a lot has changed since then and the industry relies largely on tech to exist. The infrastructural backup is the backbone but the subsistence of the industry is powered by technology. This has lead many companies to focus on new talents. Technology related skills are definitely at the crux and hence the focus of ecommerce recruitment. Even when a company hires an inventory manager or a supply chain manager, skills related to tech find prominence and are given their due importance. Continue reading “Balance New Talents with Old School Skills during Ecommerce Recruitment

Manage Unconscious Biases to Improve Procurement Recruitment

Resumes can be classified into three categories. These are unsuitable, acceptable and perfect. Most recruiters will use such descriptions when sorting through a pile of curriculum vita. The classification usually stems from practice or habit, but it more accurately reflects unconscious biases. The simple truth of the matter is that a page or a few sheets of information do not properly indicate if a candidate is suitable or not. Unacceptability or complete irrelevance is easy to judge. Lack of adequate education or training, absence of expertise or experience and other pertinent factors can be easily identified, flagged and then used to dismiss some resumes. The potential candidates need a more nuanced assessment that overcomes unconscious biases. Continue reading “Manage Unconscious Biases to Improve Procurement Recruitment

Make Room for Traditional Marketers in your Ecommerce Recruitment Strategy

Ecommerce is now in the mainstream. It is not as big an industry as retail trade in terms of sheer expansive presence covering every nook and corner of the country but the worth of business it does is here to stay and would only grow further. Ecommerce has not peaked yet. Some products are yet to find their rightful place at online stores. That will happen in due course of time but not all is rosy in ecommerce. More ecommerce ventures shut down than succeed. The virtual world may seem to be endless but the bandwidth of shoppers is limited. No shopper is going to browse a hundred different online stores to buy something. This is why ecommerce recruitment cannot entirely be about technology and new age marketing. You must make room for traditional marketers in your ecommerce recruitment strategy. Continue reading “Make Room for Traditional Marketers in your Ecommerce Recruitment Strategy”

The Ideal Lifecycle of Interim Management

Interim management has a lifecycle. It could be a few weeks or several months. It is rarely for a period of a year or longer but if the right candidate is not available to don the role of a chief executive officer or take up other senior management positions, then there is no reason why interim management cannot be prolonged. The standard lifecycle of interim management is usually split into five stages: entry, diagnosis, proposal, implementation and exit. These may follow initial consultants, planning and strategizing, considering multiple options and then choosing a specific approach. The five stages are relevant in most cases, but this is not the ideal lifecycle for every business. Continue reading “The Ideal Lifecycle of Interim Management

Tips For Your Supply Chain Recruitment Resume

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Supply chain recruitment firms are looking for people just like you. Whether you have been hunting for your ideal position for a while, or if you have just hit the job market, you are going to find possibilities that will give you everything you could want. We are talking about strong companies, challenging work, and challenging work that pays well, too. Those jobs are most certainly out there. The challenge on your end is to create a professional persona that is going to grab someone‚Äôs attention in mere seconds. Continue reading “Tips For Your Supply Chain Recruitment Resume”

Untangle the Supply Chain Recruitment Team

There are jobs that require extensive screening, perhaps pre screening too, comprehensive interviewing and then dedicated rounds of discussions with stakeholders to find the perfect candidate. Then there are jobs that do not require any such exhaustive process. Supply chain recruitment cannot be generalised in a manner to be classified in either of the two extremes. There are some supply chain jobs that demand substantial diligence on the part of the recruiter. There are some jobs in supply chain management that are easier to find candidates for. The real trick to succeed in supply chain recruitment is to understand the specifically diverse needs in every given instance and to strategise accordingly. Continue reading “Untangle the Supply Chain Recruitment Team”

A Brief Overview of Proactive, Active and Reactive Procurement Recruitment

Procurement recruitment does not have to be a perennially ongoing exercise. It is not as labour intensive an industry as manufacturing or a major service sector. The advent of automation and the use of different state of the art software have reduced the burden on actual manpower and most companies will not have to hire fresher or experienced people every now and then. However, there has to be a proactive strategy that ensures a company does not run into troubled waters. It is better to have a ready backup to tackle unforeseen challenges such as unexplained attrition. Continue reading “A Brief Overview of Proactive, Active and Reactive Procurement Recruitment”