Align your Logistic Recruitment Strategy with Internal Job Posting

Your company must have a perennial logistic recruitment strategy. You may not need to hire every week or every month but you should have a shortlisted pool of talent you can refer to whenever you need to recruit a fresher or an experienced professional. This is regardless of the job profile of a vacancy you have to fill. The perennial logistic recruitment strategy is nonnegotiable. One of the reasons why many companies face recruitment problems is the lack of a cohesive plan that is preemptive. Responsive measures work but one cannot be reactionary all the time.

As you work on a strategy that will be in force throughout the year and thereafter, you must also align your approach to logistic recruitment with your policies pertaining to internal job posting. If you do not have a policy in regards to internal job posting then you have a crisis already. Professionals look for a lucid path of career progression. Those who you may want to recruit would also look for a long term vision. They may or may not keep working for you a year or two years later but the vision must be there. They should have something to look forward to and internal job posting is the only assurance you can offer. A systemic growth appeals more than uncertain appraisals, even if the latter is more rewarding financially and more generous with the recognition.

Internal job posting will invariably have some vacancies. These would be unmanageable if you do not have a fitting replacement. Too many companies cannot promote an employee because they do not have a suitable substitute to fill in their shoes. This cannot be the grounds for holding back a promotion. Employees who perform and excel should be promoted, not just appraised and handed a pay rise. Internal job posting has its challenges and they warrant a strategy too. However, this would be a nonstarter if you do not have your logistic recruitment policy aligned with how you would go about promoting some of your staff from time to time.

You can easily allow your logistic recruitment agency to work out a strategy that will complement your internal job postings. If you are assured of a replacement that is fitting and perhaps better in that role then you can attend to more timely promotions, thereby strengthening your workforce and boosting the morale of your employees.