Balance New Talents with Old School Skills during Ecommerce Recruitment

Ecommerce is not strictly a twenty-first century industry. Online sales had made their presence felt in the late nineties. However, a lot has changed since then and the industry relies largely on tech to exist. The infrastructural backup is the backbone but the subsistence of the industry is powered by technology. This has lead many companies to focus on new talents. Technology related skills are definitely at the crux and hence the focus of ecommerce recruitment. Even when a company hires an inventory manager or a supply chain manager, skills related to tech find prominence and are given their due importance.


It is absolutely quintessential to balance new talents with old school skills. Ecommerce is a modern version of retail. It is based on technology but many processes are still founded on the same infrastructural bases as in the seventies through the early nineties. Supply chains, procurements, inventory or warehouse management, logistics or shipping have their contemporary challenges and the old world problems also remain. If you have a workforce that is largely unaware of the old school challenges and more importantly do not have the skills to deal with them, then technology will only get you so far and the issues will become graver before they disrupt the whole operation.


There should be tech mavericks and there should be hands on professionals who are abreast of the integral nuances of various departments in an ecommerce environment. Ecommerce recruitment should hence rightfully try to balance old and new skills. Both are relevant and consequential. In some cases, professionals will have the best of both the worlds but this is not a norm or even an expectation. A concerted attempt must be made to find relevant profiles of professionals for every job and those with contrasting or unrelated expertise should be honed so they can work in tandem.