Balance Permanent and Contractual Hiring with Supply Chain Recruitment Solutions

Supply chain recruitment solutions should be customised by every company and also by the service providers. A bespoke approach is ideal but there are some challenges. Whenever you take an unconventional route to hiring or you customise a standard to an extent that you are practically experimenting with some ideas relevant for our business, there is a possibility of your strategies going wrong. There is nothing wrong with a strategy backfiring or failing to accomplish its preset objectives. This is why there are timely reviews of supply chain recruitment solutions. No matter how bespoke your strategy is, you will have the need to hire permanent employees and you would need contractual staff at times. The needs will of course vary given the demands at a given point in time but you must balance the two.

There are many companies that prefer permanent employees. Likewise, there are companies that prefer contractual employees. There are serious financial implications of both choices and it is often this factor more than anything else that influences the decision of certain organisations. Letting the financial aspect alone determine the strategy will more often than not prove to be unwise. This is simply because the decision must be based on operational demands and not budgetary constraints. Economics cannot be wished away but it is more important to ensure the expertise required for specific tasks than choosing between whether or not to give benefits and planning stopgap measures.

Contractual hiring is not always a stopgap measure. There are supply chain recruitment solutions that would focus on strategising contractual hiring as well. You can have the same contractual staff on and off again. You would be able to determine the expertise and the experience of such contractual staff. Training, capability and accountability are key issues here. Contractual staff can at times be more efficient than permanent workers but it depends on the prior experience of the recruits than anything else. Likewise, permanent workers will have a degree of familiarity with the organisation and its modus operandi that contractual staff will not be able to possess.

The secret to running a smooth operation and being always able to deliver is in balancing permanent and contractual hiring with relevant supply chain recruitment solutions. There are other factors too but this is in a limited sense relevant from the perspective of managing personnel or how you would put together the manpower for specific projects.