How psychometric testing can help to break the churn cycle.

Recruitment takes a level of commitment that can often be overlooked. You are making a long-term investment so striking the right balance between finding someone with the right skills and experience as well as the right personality to fit in with the current team structure is crucial. The care and attention to detail needed is so far-reaching that a lot of companies are relying on recruitment agencies to take on this mammoth task.

The importance of investing in pre-interview testing

The long-term value of a candidate is receiving a higher focus from both companies and logistic recruitment agencies alike. This increased focus seems to have resulted in reduced staff turn-over which, in turn, increases staff morale and more time to spend on other company processes.

In order for logistic recruitment agencies to offer a service that actively works to reduce churn, psychometric testing must play a central role. These include skills test, ability tests, personality tests and aptitude tests.

Skills tests: These tests focus on both ability and aptitude and will analyse a candidates ability to do something, which can then be translated into their ability to carry out vital tasks that will be neccessary in their role.

Ability tests: These show the candidates verbal and numerical skills, problem solving and logical reasoning; as well as testing their ability to identify mistakes.

Personality tests: These focus on a candidate’s attitude, motivation and work style. It will help you decide whether or not a candidate will be a good fit for the team.

Aptitude tests: These examine a candidates potential to learn a new task and offers insight into future performance.

During the interview process, they say that you can tell within minutes whether you will hire someone or not. Rather than spend hours interviewing people that you know, pretty quickly, are unsuitable for your role, invest in psychometric testing.