How Logistic Recruitment can Entice the Youth

logistic recruitment

There is some debate if the youth should be referred to as millennial or generation ‘y’. The millennial generation makes space for all youth aged up to thirty five. Clearly, thirty year olds are not young adults who happen to be the fresher most companies would target for entry level jobs. This is also true for logistic recruitment. Generation ‘y’ has been succeeded by generation ‘z’ but the latter is not yet old enough to be employable.

Whatever is the nomenclature one chooses to use and while many may continue to debate, one reality is beyond dispute and that is the youth has been shying away from the logistics industry. Formal training is limited, there is minimal institutionalisation and almost nonexistent in many parts of the country, the experience of the youth in logistics is almost nil and many don’t even know what the industry or the specific niche is all about.

Companies need to entice the youth if they have to keep their workforce steady and growing, to have replacements ready whenever needed and to find the best talent from an available pool.

Not every fresher will be promising, capable or interested as far career progression is concerned. Not every recruit will stick around. Hence, consistent logistic recruitment and enticing the youth in particular is of great significance.

Companies must use social media platforms for logistic recruitment.

Very few young adults check newspapers today. They do check out job boards but online and it is not a given that the job board used by a company will have enough interested people following the updates. Young adults are definitely on social media. They form the majority on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Hitting one social media platform is not enough. One must hit as many as possible and perhaps all just to get maximum exposure.


A presence on social media itself will make logistic recruitment more desirable for young jobseekers. They like tech savvy environments, not necessarily technical domains but digitally engaged brands. They also like to have all relevant information at the disposal of a few clicks. Gone is the era when a jobseeker would know little about a company while applying for a job.

Youngsters today want to know as much as they can about the company, specifically the work culture and it is not just about money but paid time off, perks and other benefits such as mentorship. Make such information available to empower your logistic recruitment drive.