Make Room for Traditional Marketers in your Ecommerce Recruitment Strategy

Ecommerce is now in the mainstream. It is not as big an industry as retail trade in terms of sheer expansive presence covering every nook and corner of the country but the worth of business it does is here to stay and would only grow further. Ecommerce has not peaked yet. Some products are yet to find their rightful place at online stores. That will happen in due course of time but not all is rosy in ecommerce. More ecommerce ventures shut down than succeed. The virtual world may seem to be endless but the bandwidth of shoppers is limited. No shopper is going to browse a hundred different online stores to buy something. This is why ecommerce recruitment cannot entirely be about technology and new age marketing. You must make room for traditional marketers in your ecommerce recruitment strategy.

Let us consider one undeniable reality, which is both a merit and a demerit of ecommerce, click baits. Almost every ecommerce company uses click bait and in a myriad of forms. The click bait can be in any type of content or an outright offer, promotions or in the garb of some clever ploy. There are stores that use click baits for the sake of it when there is nothing substantial to offer subsequent to a person taking an action and clicking on the link. Click bait gets traffic, which is its strength. It does not necessarily lead to sales, which is its weakness. If ecommerce has to be viable, not as an industry but for a particular company, then traditional marketing would have to play a key role.

Traditional marketing has always focused on footfall or outreach and also on sales. Click bait primarily focuses on traffic, which is a digital version of footfall at a retail store. Since click bait does not prioritise sales, it is only a traditional approach that can convince interested people to make a purchasing decision. There is only a certain period of time a company would be willing to satiate itself with traffic or other relevant stats. Beyond a stage, nothing but hard numbers on sales and cash revenue would become the only reality that matters. Perception of a brand, website traffic, activity on social media sites and engagement with the target audience are necessary but they do not inevitably lead to sales. Hire a few traditional marketing mavericks during ecommerce recruitment and change the game.