Balance Permanent and Contractual Hiring with Supply Chain Recruitment Solutions

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Supply chain recruitment solutions should be customised by every company and also by the service providers. A bespoke approach is ideal but there are some challenges. Whenever you take an unconventional route to hiring or you customise a standard to an extent that you are practically experimenting with some ideas relevant for our business, there is a possibility of your strategies going wrong. There is nothing wrong with a strategy backfiring or failing to accomplish its preset objectives. This is why there are timely reviews of supply chain recruitment solutions. No matter how bespoke your strategy is, you will have the need to hire permanent employees and you would need contractual staff at times. The needs will of course vary given the demands at a given point in time but you must balance the two. Continue reading “Balance Permanent and Contractual Hiring with Supply Chain Recruitment Solutions”

Supply Chain Recruitment

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The benefits of working with a supply chain recruitment company are numerous. However, these benefits are naturally dependent upon finding the best company possible. Whether you are searching for someone to help you with short-term needs, or if you are looking for something more long-term, the company you choose should be able to help you. They should have a peerless reputation for meeting your needs with respect to such topics as supply chain, buying and merchandising, logistics and transport, warehouse and distribution, and so much more. Continue reading “Supply Chain Recruitment”

How To Optimise Your Supply Chain Recruitment Resume

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Working in supply chain recruitment means building your experience on a number of different levels. All of these levels are important in some form or fashion. At the end of the day, all of the things we are going to discuss should be part of the package you bring to the table. The best way to emphasise that package is to create a memorable, distinctive resume. This is something that everyone needs to keep in mind at all times. However, there are elements of creating a resume for someone filling supply chain slots for major and minor companies that are rather unique to this particular field. In other words, you should take every step to craft the best possible resume. Continue reading “How To Optimise Your Supply Chain Recruitment Resume”

What To Demand From A Supply Chain Recruitment Company

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Working with a supply chain recruitment company can provide you with a truly exciting opportunity. It will mean in no uncertain terms that you are working with a company that will have your needs in mind. You will be challenged in a number of ways. Perhaps, more importantly, you will also make a good living in being challenged. Supply Chain work can involve a number of different possibilities. It can involve anything from running a 6000 square foot facility with a half-dozen people working under you, to running a 1-million square foot facility with dozens and dozens of men and women being managed by your insights and experience. Continue reading “What To Demand From A Supply Chain Recruitment Company”

Prioritise Value Addition through Logistic Recruitment

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There are some jobs in logistics that do not warrant creative thinking or even questioning established practices. These jobs and their executions are confined within the prevalent systems and anyone breaching the standards is held accountable. There is limited scope to reinvent oneself in such tasks. Contrary to these jobs exists another realm in logistics that is driven by innovation. Creativity, state of the art technologies and value addition are the hallmarks of the contributions of people holding such positions. These are the job profiles that are the most difficult to satiate. There is no dearth of people that would follow the rules and not step one foot wrong. Of course due diligence is necessary to ensure no one is astray but a company does not really look for anything spectacular from those who simply follow the rules and adhere to the established practices. Continue reading “Prioritise Value Addition through Logistic Recruitment

Simplify Logistic Recruitment by Focusing on Issues

There are times when you have to attend to routine logistic recruitment. There is a vacancy and you need an able professional to take up the role. Your operations are expanding and you need people to take up the new or about to be available positions. Such logistic recruitment is not simple but it is easier than attending to complex circumstances. If you have fired someone or an employee who had a crucial role has resigned, then you need someone capable to be a deserving and effective replacement. You are no longer looking for another recruit. You are looking for someone with a very particular set of skills and completely able to fill in the shoes just vacated. Continue reading “Simplify Logistic Recruitment by Focusing on Issues”

Tweak your Logistic Recruitment Strategy to Hire to Train

Companies often expect and always prefer turnkey solutions. Ask any senior manager or even a board member and they will express their fascination with systems that can be implemented through a simple plug and play setup. The reality is that plug and play setups or turnkey solutions are not readily available for everything. They are definitely not available when you are recruiting, either fresher or experienced professionals in logistics. Continue reading “Tweak your Logistic Recruitment Strategy to Hire to Train”

Align your Logistic Recruitment Strategy with Internal Job Posting

Your company must have a perennial logistic recruitment strategy. You may not need to hire every week or every month but you should have a shortlisted pool of talent you can refer to whenever you need to recruit a fresher or an experienced professional. This is regardless of the job profile of a vacancy you have to fill. The perennial logistic recruitment strategy is nonnegotiable. One of the reasons why many companies face recruitment problems is the lack of a cohesive plan that is preemptive. Responsive measures work but one cannot be reactionary all the time. Continue reading “Align your Logistic Recruitment Strategy with Internal Job Posting”

3 Ways To Enhance A Supply Chain Recruitment Resume

If you are eager to be part of the world of supply chain recruitment, then it stands to reason that you are going to want to have the best possible resume. Obviously, this is something that anyone should keep in mind when they are tackling the job market. At the same time, there are some unique demands of those who are trying to pursue a supply chain recruitment. The competition for these jobs is intensely fierce. Furthermore, you can expect your resume to be seen by someone who likely has years, if not decades, of experience with staffing the kinds of positions you would like to find. Continue reading “3 Ways To Enhance A Supply Chain Recruitment Resume”