Prioritise Value Addition through Logistic Recruitment

There are some jobs in logistics that do not warrant creative thinking or even questioning established practices. These jobs and their executions are confined within the prevalent systems and anyone breaching the standards is held accountable. There is limited scope to reinvent oneself in such tasks. Contrary to these jobs exists another realm in logistics that is driven by innovation. Creativity, state of the art technologies and value addition are the hallmarks of the contributions of people holding such positions. These are the job profiles that are the most difficult to satiate. There is no dearth of people that would follow the rules and not step one foot wrong. Of course due diligence is necessary to ensure no one is astray but a company does not really look for anything spectacular from those who simply follow the rules and adhere to the established practices.

Whenever your logistic recruitment is about mid management, senior management or any role that is not customary or where an employee must find a remedy to a problem that others have failed, where improvement is necessary or a recruit expected to usher in some change, it is quintessential to prioritise value addition. It is difficult and in some cases near impossible to find candidates who would be stringent followers of rules and yet offer some value beyond the expectations. This is not to imply that only breakers of rules would deliver some new value. The fact remains that the candidates who can truly add some value to the various processes in place will have a different perspective. Such perspective should be appreciated and even harnessed. Existing employees should always be encouraged to develop such perspectives without impairing their present roles.

Value addition is not just about change or reinventing something. It is also about doing a bit more than what is necessary. It may be inconsequential in the long term or there may be no effect on the financial bottom line of the company. Yet, such additional inputs or deliverables matter. They matter for the customers who experience a difference, for employees who relish something new and the company that can try a hitherto unexplored act. No one knows if there will be a positive ripple effect. Value addition may not be a priority for entry level jobs. It has to be a priority for mid management positions. It is a quintessential factor for senior management positions.