Review the IT Infrastructure of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management strategies must be reviewed periodically. A company must consider the possibility of working directly with a manufacturer. It is likely that small to medium companies will resort to intermediaries for convenience. That would increase procurement cost and will have more points of operation than necessary which would invariably complicate the whole apparatus. Just as this quintessential element needs to be reviewed from time to time, the information technology infrastructure must also be reviewed at least once a year. Here is a brief guide of what to expect from such a review.

A company must endorse radio frequency identification technology if it is not in place already.

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Any item that is lost in transit or simply goes unaccounted for, there is an inevitable loss and disruption. The company has to bear the financial impact and must also steadfastly work on replenishing the supply chain with the same item to limit the impact of the disruption. Radio frequency identification technology undergoes substantial development, like all other technologies. The chips today are much better than what were readily available seven years back. A company must ensure there are fewer anomalies by using radio frequency identification technology and processes must be reviewed to include the use of chips before dispatch. Using such chips in the production and supply lines will lead to a proactive assessment of potential problems.

Something as simple but essential as the weighing process should be updated.

There has been amazing advanced in weighing technology. Any company that uses an archaic weighing system or apparatus is bound to be plagued with a time consuming process. Many industries still use the old truck scales. They are not efficient. In an era when every minute counts and has a financial impact, companies should endorse modern solutions such as ingenious truck scales that can be installed onboard. One doesn’t have to wait or rely on platform scales. The impact on efficiency and hence productivity will be realizable on the very first day.

Supply chain management must use state of the art transport management software.

It is no longer enough to have a tracking id and a portal to know where a particular consignment is at the moment. The tracking itself should be available on mobile devices. Tracking should be interrelated with other actions that are deemed necessary depending on the situation. From managing inventory data to controlling various aspects of shipping, administrators or supervisors in supply chain management must have access to a mobile solution offering every piece of significant information in real time.