Three Simple Steps to Improve Procurement Recruitment

There are several generic challenges in procurement recruitment that every business in the industry has to deal with and then there are some specific hurdles that are usually distinct for a specific company. You may adopt the best practices and might play by the established rules.

Your procurement recruitment strategy may be ineffective despite such endeavours

Here are some quintessential tips to help you improve your procurement recruitment, not just from the eventual perspective of hiring the best people but also to save money, time and effort.

  • The first thing you need to focus on is a multi-pronged approach to procurement recruitment. It is no secret that you will not need a perennialstrategy. Hence, most companies are more reactionary in their approach. This does not help as you lose the leverage. You do not get a head start when you are only waiting for someone to leave and then you would attend to that vacancy. You must have a proactive approach as well. Most companies will need their procurement personnel to undergo a transition. This applies to a new recruit and any employee being promoted or being assigned another role. Unforeseen challenges are common. A reactionary or even a promptly responsive strategy will not help to avert or immediately tackle such untoward developments.


  • The multi-pronged approach should not only be limited to when and why you would hire new people and training or retrain existing employees. It should extend to the pool of talent as well. Companies cannot rely on only one source. Most companies do not and they in fact have multiple sources of potential recruits, from referrals to online databases of job-seekers among others. The problem is in the degree of focus. Referrals often just exist without having any substantive impact on timely recruitment. Offline databases are rarely explored these days. Staffing agencies or procurement recruitment companies usually do not rely on one database. This is one of the reasons why many companies outsource this process. Even if you outsource, you must find out the available talent pools that are being scouted to find the best recruits.


  • Always hire according to your needs of tomorrow. Several industry domains such as supply chain, logistics, procurement and order fulfilment have undergone phenomenal changes in recent years. While a lot of focus is on technology, there are ripple effects in how the industry is responding to the dynamic needs of the hour. The people you find suitable for your vacancy should not only satiate the preexisting criteria but also be able to meet the new challenges that would inevitably develop in the near future.