Simplify Logistic Recruitment by Focusing on Issues

There are times when you have to attend to routine logistic recruitment. There is a vacancy and you need an able professional to take up the role. Your operations are expanding and you need people to take up the new or about to be available positions. Such logistic recruitment is not simple but it is easier than attending to complex circumstances. If you have fired someone or an employee who had a crucial role has resigned, then you need someone capable to be a deserving and effective replacement. You are no longer looking for another recruit. You are looking for someone with a very particular set of skills and completely able to fill in the shoes just vacated.

There is another scenario when your approach to logistic recruitment has to be extremely precise. This is when you have to address a prevalent problem. New fresher recruits are not expected to solve problems. This is the domain of those with expertise. When you have a crisis or a plethora of problems, you need to focus on those issues to find the right candidate for the job. You can truly simplify logistic recruitment by focusing on such issues, right from the outset when you shortlist the candidates. You do not always need a holistic candidate. In fact, it is quite difficult to find people who are multitalented, multifaceted and multipurpose. Most recruits will be utilitarian in a few ways and not very helpful in others, especially if the processes are beyond their areas of expertise. You do not need one individual to be a master of every process. This is why specialisation exists and is important.

Whenever you have issues to address, prioritise candidates that can actually solve those problems. This will simplify your logistic recruitment strategy. This is also likely to help you find the ideal candidate. Everything else about a candidate must be secondary. This does not imply you must abandon all other desirable qualities as the criteria. The focus should be on the ability of the potential recruit to address those issues and resolve them effectively. Other things will fall into their rightful places in due course of time. You may find an otherwise suitable candidate but if the recruit cannot work on the issues then the whole logistic recruitment exercise in such a specific case would be outright futile. Logistic recruitment has to be customised and simplified depending on the needs.