Supply Chain Recruitment

SCM Talent Group has helped many clients build, optimise, and completely transform their supply chain companies by placing many top talent people into key positions within their companies. They specialise in executive recruiting in end to end supply chains.

As your company grows, you hiring needs will change. Change in this situation is a good thing. Your employee needs will change and the talents that you are looking for will expand as well. SCM Talent Group staffs professionals that having the expertise to fill key positions within your company. They have built a portfolio of supply chain recruitment that is designed with your needs in mind.

Their supply chain recruiters have worked with a wide variety of industries, specialising in retailers and wholesale manufacturers.

Supply chain recruitment differs with various industries. They take their experience to build a pool of prospective employees. They ensure that those prospects possess the talent that you are looking for to help your business grow and expand as needed.

SCM understands the importance of bringing forth talent that will possess the traits and desire to succeed within your business. They do not present talent that is looking for short terms jobs but rather talent that wants to grow within your business as well.

SCM was founded in 2004 by a gentleman that has extensive experience in the recruiting field. He has shared his knowledge and experience with his employees in order to pass on that work ethic to them. He has succeeded in placing employees with well known companies such as Home Depot and Coca Cola as well. He has filled more than 1,000 supply chain positions to date. This speaks volumes for his talent and experience. He still continues to grow and expand his company and help people reach successful positions within key businesses.