Tap into the Referral Network for Logistic Recruitment

There are many ways to approach logistic recruitment. It is wise for any company to employ multiple approaches. No singular approach will be enough to fill up all the vacancies. Even if you do get enough applications or interested jobseekers from any one avenue, it is unlikely you would get the most fitting candidates for all the diverse positions you need to fill in your organization. Logistic recruitment can be a little more complex than hiring in other industries because it is a niche that doesn’t have as many formal training programs at high school, college or university level. Hence, it is imperative for a company to tap into networks that will usher in potential candidates.


logistics recruitment


The referral network of current employees can be a treasure-trove. It may not be sufficient to satiate all the vacancies but it will expose you to a pool of talent that may not be available through other channels. Many organizations don’t just tap into the referral network of current employees but also of former employees. Not all former employees and organizations burn the bridges. A cordial relationship with former organizations augurs well for professionals and vice versa. All referral networks are relevant. It doesn’t cost much to explore such possibilities and there are inherent benefits of the whole process. There is a reason why every major organization in every formal industry has a referral scheme or program for current and new employees.

Logistic recruitment can be simplified if every employee can bring in at least one referral. Chances are very high that a majority of the employees will have more than one referral. Right there an organization has a pool of individuals who are interested in the job, if not the perfect candidate for a vacancy. There is a fascinating indirect advantage of hiring through a referral program. Historically, referrals getting the jobs lead to higher employee satisfaction and those who have been referred tend to stay employed with the organization for a longer period of time. Referrals actually stick around longer than an average fresher.

Consequently, an organization gets to interview more people, the whole process of logistic recruitment becomes worthwhile and hired people tend to be more satisfied with the job, they are easier to retain and hence more convenient to groom for further responsibilities or future roles. This is a win-win situation for any company that is struggling with logistic recruitment, even for those that have apparently resolved their challenges.