Tips For Your Supply Chain Recruitment Resume

Supply chain recruitment firms are looking for people just like you. Whether you have been hunting for your ideal position for a while, or if you have just hit the job market, you are going to find possibilities that will give you everything you could want. We are talking about strong companies, challenging work, and challenging work that pays well, too. Those jobs are most certainly out there. The challenge on your end is to create a professional persona that is going to grab someone’s attention in mere seconds.

Remember: More often than not, mere seconds is all you are going to have at your disposal!

Most recruiters are only going to look over a resume for a few seconds. You need something that is going to pop right at the start. Scan-ability is absolutely crucial in this regard. The resume must have a strong combination of useful, relevant information, and a format that will allow the recruiter to absorb and understand your basic qualifications in seconds. You don’t have to put everything right there on the first page, but you should still boil things down in such a way as to compel the recruiter to continue reading.

Believe it or not, but this is actually much easier to do than you might suspect. With a few simple steps, you can secure the supply chain recruitment opportunity you have been waiting for.

How To Craft Your Chain Recruitment Resume
Quantifying your results is one of the first things you are going to need to keep in mind. Recruiters aren’t interested in ballpark figures. They want to know about your experience in the most straightforward fashion possible. Deal in hard facts, and show what you mean to their bottom and top lines.

Here are some more general resume tips to keep in mind, as well:

• Each of your headings (Names, Summaries, Experiences are all good examples) should be bolded and capitalized. Use a font between 14-16 for these headings only. Everything else should use a 11-12 font, and it should not be bolded or capitalized, unless you are beginning a new sentence.
• Times New Roman is old hat on supply chain recruitment resumes. Go for something like Helvetica or Arial.
• Make sure you maintain proper spacing practices, so the recruiter can move from one section to the next with ease.
• Long paragraphs are a big no-no! Make sure your resume includes some bullet points!
• Action-focused sentences are vital for your bullet points.