Untangle the Supply Chain Recruitment Team

There are jobs that require extensive screening, perhaps pre screening too, comprehensive interviewing and then dedicated rounds of discussions with stakeholders to find the perfect candidate. Then there are jobs that do not require any such exhaustive process. Supply chain recruitment cannot be generalised in a manner to be classified in either of the two extremes. There are some supply chain jobs that demand substantial diligence on the part of the recruiter. There are some jobs in supply chain management that are easier to find candidates for. The real trick to succeed in supply chain recruitment is to understand the specifically diverse needs in every given instance and to strategise accordingly.

There are many ways to improve your supply chain recruitment. One of these simple steps is to untangle the team. Do not have plenty of recruiters working on the same hiring spree. You may need one or several new employees. You may need permanent, temporary or part-time employees. You may need trainees or senior managers. The simple way to complicate the whole process is to have several people involved in the supply chain recruitment cycle. The more people you have, the more opinions there shall be and the whole process will turn into a quagmire.

There is always a set of criteria that a company will not compromise on while hiring employees at any level. These criteria should be adhered to. Beyond that a recruiter should have the lucid task of identifying the best candidates and then the eventual decision may rest on one individual. If there are many individuals in the interim, from the selection of candidates satiating the criteria to the ones making their way to the final round of personal interview, then the whole process gets dragged, needlessly complicated and at times stalemated. Untangle your supply chain recruitment team.