What You Need To Know About Logistic Jobs

Logistic jobs are those jobs concerned with overseeing as well as liaising with colleagues in an organization to make sure that stock is moved and maintained efficiently. Logistics managers also known as distribution managers are in charge of coordinating the transportation, storage and delivery of the products.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

logistic jobsA distribution or logistic manager’s main task is to organize safe and efficient distribution and storage of goods so as orders are carried out or met correctly. Other responsibilities and duties include;

  1. Organizing transportation
  2. Coordinating vehicles, drivers, loads and routes
  3. Operate IT systems
  4. Negotiate contracts
  5. Develop and confirm schedules
  6. Plan and negotiate technical difficulties
  7. Liaise with and manage shifts and staff
  8. Prepare paperwork for inspections
  9. Manage waste
  10. Monitor stock
  11. Ensure safety and health standards are kept

The working hours of a logistics manager depend on the type of employer and the industry in which he/she is working for. Some logistics jobs are on call, shifts, weekends while other evenings.

Common Employers of Distribution and Logistics Managers

  • Manufacturers
  • Specialist distribution organizations
  • Military
  • Commercial organizations
  • Retailers

One can learn of these vacancies from career services, recruitment agencies, newspaper, special publication and professional bodies who normally post the vacancies on their websites.

Logistics Job Qualification

job qualification

Anyone regardless of being a graduate or school leaver can get a distribution or logistics job. Many large organizations do run supply chain or logistics graduate scheme streams. And these roles involve a significant portion of management, whether it will be in managing warehouse shifts, a fleet of vehicles or taking stock most of the time any graduate can apply regardless of the subject they had pursued in campus. Even though most recruiters prefer candidates with logistics or business-related degrees anyone can essentially apply.

Another way that one could find their way into logistics careers is through apprenticeship. Even though one is unlikely to enter into management positions right way, it is still a great way to eventually getting you a job in logistics. There are various sites available that offers advice aimed at those who have a passion in logistics. There are also organizations that offer apprenticeship vacancies.

Apprentices and graduates would not be expected to hold qualifications in logistic management, but they will likely be expected to obtain this qualification in time as their career grows.  So, what are the keys skills required of one in logistics jobs? The skills required include;

  • Managerial skills
  • Logical reasoning
  • IT skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Motivational skills
  • Decision making skills

Anyone can apply for logistics jobs if they have passion in that area.