Why should your recruitment agency specialise in supply chain recruitment?

When it comes to filling your supply chain vacancy, your aim is to find the most qualified, experienced, and dedicated person to fill the role. With the wide range of recruitment agencies around it can feel like you are looking for a golden needle in a hay stack. That is why you should opt for an agency that specialises in supply chain recruitment.

People in the industry will use an industry focused recruitment agency

Whilst there are recruitment companies that focus on general roles, there are also a number of recruitment agencies that focus purely on one specific industry. People looking for a new role in the supply chain sector are more likely to utilise a recruitment company that specialises in this sector. By choosing to advertise through these companies, you are already cutting out a lot of the hay and making it much more likely that you will find your golden needle.

Targeted advertising for supply chain roles

Part of the service you will receive from a specialised supply chain recruitment agency is tailored content that will entice people to respond to your job advertisement. By opting for a company that does not regularly recruit for the supply chain sector may mean that they will not be able to communicate the role in as much detail. Whether you choose to advertise your role anonymously or are happy to display your company name on the job profile, your advertisement may be the initial engagement potential candidates will have with your company. Get this wrong and you could find you don’t have as many applications as you may have had, had you opted for a specialised recruitment agency.

Additional services

In addition to advertising your role with as much flavour as possible, sifting through applications and sending you the most capable candidates; a quality supply chain recruitment agency should also deliver relevant data such as salary surveys and market research. Since these agencies focus purely on supply chain roles, the data will be extremely accurate and should not be watered down by individuals looking for jobs in a different industry.